Friday, March 14, 2008

Dragon Day 2008

Dragon day is when the 1st year students who study architecture at Cornell University build a wooden dragon and parade him down the main street - have a fight with the Phoenix (engineer school) and then walk the dragon to the quad where they proceed to burn him to the ground.  It sounds all gruesome but its really a lot of fun.  They TP the trees and are a generally fun loving shouting crowd that has a good time.  Lots of funny costumes and several hundred if not a couple of thousand people come out for it.  Its been happening for decades.  I have seen about 12 myself.  My boys have seen about 3.  The students use to just run a muck with no firefighters but now its all taped off and hoses are around and all the toilet paper gets cleaned up early.  This year was a very nice yellow dragon with red hands and green cheesecloth body.  The spikes down his back moved up and down - its always cool when they have moving parts.

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