Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Forest gnome wanderers

This is the first time I am doing this - teaching by photos on line. I'm sure that I need more photos to go along with this but I figure this isn't for beginners and some of you know more than others and can follow along.  I guess they could be witches too.
Ok - start with a bunch of wool and roll a cone. My finished doll stands at 5 inches (not including the hat). Felt the bottom well and shape a head with your felting needle. Choose a flesh color and place it over the "face" and onto the neck. Don't worry about the top of the head - the hat will cover it. I then snip with sharp pointed scissors thru the neck shoulder area (straight thru) so the pipe cleaner can slide thru as the arms. Place the pipe cleaner high, as you add other wool (for the clothing) it will lower the shoulders so start high. I always make my arms longer than proportion too and don't forget the extra you need when turning the pipe cleaner over with the wool to create the hand so it had a smooth look.

Here I show how to create the look of clothing. Felt a disk of wool (small pieces that you then felt together later is best than one big sheet).

Pick that up and fold over a side and felt that. Lay the piece of "clothing" on the figure and felt it securely on, away from the folded edge. Leaving that edge creates the flipable piece that looks like you could take that, say the hat, off.

Create all the clothing like that - the cuffs for the arms I make a flat piece like I showed up top but then turn it so its like a tube and slip in the arm and felt the ends to the body.

Here is what it look like underneath.

Don't forget that people look under too so finish off with all the same color as the skirt.  Give them cute things to hold - I have one holding a bowl of berries and one has a bag for gathering.  This is where the longer arms come in handy.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.  I will be placing these cuties on my Etsy page soon, so look for them there if you want to purchase them.
They are made from plant dyed wool that I dyed.  Thanks!

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Beth said...

Those are so cute, I'm going to bookmark your instructions to try one of these days. They are really adorable. Nice to find your blog, I'll enjoy visiting.