Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stream weather is coming!

Children are fearless!  Two friends came over to play and they went down to the stream to build a dam.  It's on the cold side so like a fool I said " Don't get too wet!"  Hee - Hee well 25 minutes later I had to call them in because they were jumping from rock to rock slipping into the stream and falling over.  I had to pour the water out of the boots and wring their socks.  45 degrees and stream water gets very cold, quickly.  They did make their small dam and will be back for more when it warms up a bit.  Here is a thick cotton basket I am working on.  I might dye it with Indigo this summer if I ever finish. 

Also here is a close-up/macro photo for today,  Omi Crocheting.
Beautiful hands.

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