Saturday, April 5, 2008

Day 5 of close-up photos.  This is of a watercolor that I did today.


Lisa Anne said...

Beautiful! I have looked at your blog a few times. I think i met you once at Sunbridge, you were there last May/June for the Handwork training and I was there for Bilodynamic training. I have a farm an hour south of Ithaca (on PA border). We are homeschooling using Waldorf, I used to work in a Waldorf Kindergarden before moving here last summer.

Its nice to find you again, I would be interested if you have a handwork group for homeschoolers or for parents.

woolladyfelter said...

Wow, yes I remember you too. We do have a parent study group that meets the first and third Wed during the school year here in I thaca. I would love to have you come. There is also a large homeschooling network here. I can give you more information if you want to email me. Warm wishes, Julia