Friday, July 18, 2008

Knit grade 3 Horse

This is a fabulous knit horse with a wakeful spine that third graders can do in Waldorf schools.  Its a great project with counting / division & with close attention to detail with that great spine.  I did one at school and then I had this supper thick wool yarn that I had no idea what to do with - voila.

Some folks use felt for the feet pads - you can also crochet them and I might be putting leather on the bottom of the white horse.  I do think a unicorn might appeal to some as well.   There is a lot to shaping the horse after it is knit and mostly sewn together.  It was brought to our attention that "stuffing" an item isn't as nice as "shaping" an item.  Rolling the wool in a tube before placing them in the legs - and making sure that the leg roll goes up into the horses back side/shoulder to create strength - (the look of the muscles).

Here is a shot of all the projects done this past summer - 3rd and 4th grade.  The hand puppets are for another post - and they are fantastic too.  I love that I am apart of a program (being a handworks teacher) that teaches useful artistic and beautiful items.  Our kids can do so much and are so capable and I am glad that I am not dumbing them down.


Cadi said...

Beautiful! :-)

Lisa Anne said...

Very Beautiful. Nice, neat knitting too. I love the yarn that the smaller one is made out of, does it have mohair? Is this similar to the pattern in the waldorf children's knitting book? I made one with a longer neck and felted it to make a giraffe for my cousin's baby. I am to the Sunbridge soon for a week to volunteer/work at the community, we are thinking about moving there. We are too lonely farming in the middle of nowhere...and I would love for my daughter to be back in a Walsdorf school

Rooted in Beauty said...

My name is Liza Cole-Brant.I teach Handwork at a local Charter school her in Colorado. Do you by chance have a pattern for the horse you would be willing to share?