Thursday, September 4, 2008

First day of teaching

I had a great first day.  We had opening ceremonies with lovely 2 cellos playing while the parents and siblings arrived.  There was a short history and then the teachers & staff were introduced - there are 16 of us!  It was a beautiful and powerful sight.  Then the older grades played a song while the 1st graders carries a flower under a flowing silk to their new teacher. Andi then told a story (for us all to hear) and then we walked up to the school house and revealed the new school sign.  It was very emotional and I loved being a part of it.
Class went very well and I dived into it.  The 4/5 grades are making their designs for their handworks bag - some of which have a strong opinion (imagine that!).   The 2/3 grades are in a mixed class as well and it will prove difficult if I don't get some parent help.  I have two people in the works hopefully I will get more.  Grade 2 are going to learn how to pearl (with 3 that don't know how to knit) and Grade 3 will be crocheting (with 2 that don't know how).  There are 12 total.  Sigh - I love it already.  They have release forms for everybody so I hope to have photos of the kids hands working every once in a while.   


Anonymous said...

It sounds lovely (and challenging!)blessings on your new school year.

Cyntheeii said...

it does sound lovely Jullie! I'm so glad you found this place - it's perfect! :) love you

Teaching Handwork said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

keep us posted :) the week goes by so fast and soon a month passes and you feel like you are finally in the groove!

kristin said...

what a wonderful beginning to a beautiful year!

Teaching Handwork said...

I had dye pots ready. I had a sample of the recorder case and we talked about darkest to lightest. I told them to think about what colors they wanted and I had pre cut papers with crayons for the recorder pattern...remember that one?
we colored for about 10 mins and one by one when they were done, they came outside and dyed their skein. at the end of class they rung out their skein and hung it.
So it took one class only. the next class they paired up and rolled balls of yarn . I got the unbleached yarn bulky weight from Brown sheet.

Maymomvt said...

Lou's 2 favorite classes this year are chorus and handwork. She has fallen in love with cross stitch and has been madly cross stitching whenever she can at home. Enjoy your year.