Monday, September 29, 2008

Waldorf Doll Workshop

So this was my second waldorf doll workshop.   It was really nice and 2 completed the doll (with hair) and the others completed the body.  As the hours ticked by I would say - so now how much do you think you would pay an artisan for one of these dolls!  
Its hard work but they all came away with a lovely doll.  

I even had a 10 year old (her second time participating) complete her doll.  Everybody had a plan for there creation - lots were for their own babies and some were for cousins.  

What joy it brought to see them all in a row like this.  

We did order pre-sewn bodies because we have no sewing machines in the classroom - they poured their love into them and they came out great.  I will be donating the doll I made to our local Elves Faire that is happening November 22.  If it doesn't sell there I will place the doll at my etsy site for sale.  I will lot you know if that happens.


Lisa Anne said...

Very nice, I led a doll making workshop before, but we could not finish the dolls in the allowed time. How long was your workshop? How much did you charge? A group of mothers asked me to lead a workshop in November in Bing'y. Thanks for showing us the photos.

Teaching Handwork said...

Congrats on your workshop!
they look so sweet! how's it going? how are the grades? send us some pics of what your kids are making

Lisa Anne- here in AZ last year I charged $75 for the workshop. it was 2 days ...I think 3 hours each.
we made a 10" and a small nature table doll.

Dawn said...

I would love to go to a workshop like this. The dolls turned out great.

woolladyfelter said...

I held the class from 8am (really got started at 8:30am and then took a half hour break (most of us sewed) and finished up at 5pm. It makes for a long day but then your done! My fee is $100.00 and I got a "free" doll kit from the company (weir dolls) and the one I made I donated (I will have to finish the hair and make clothes) back to the school. People were charged $30.00 for the workshop and then if they wanted to purchase a kit, the price ranged on what they bought.

Katerina said...

Hi! I'm so glad I've found your blog! So interesting and inspiring! Thank you for sharing!
My name is Katerina and I'm trying to find a workshop for Waldorf Doll making in Boston area. Can you advise me on how or where can I find people who do it? I've tried different sources (moms' groups, web, online stores, etc.), but no luck so far.
Would you mind if I ask you some more questions?