Friday, October 31, 2008

More Happy Halloween

My new photo at the top has been dubbed by my husband as the "creepy guy"  I thought of him as a sweet gnome - but now I see his point... hence the music - (Changed the music to more appropriate music for the rest of the post - it was the theme music to Halloween!).  
By the way what do you think of music on blogs??
Sometimes I like it sometimes I don't.

This morning started out beautifully.  My son was invited up to the barn for an all Kindergarten Halloween party.  Said good morning to the cows & had a hay ride through the "wishes" of milkweed seeds.

Then a walk through the "ghost" woods to see Mother Nature.   She gave them each a flower bulb to plant for Spring. (So sweet!)

We then walked back and had a really cute craft of gods eyes.  Its a chestnut poked with 6 toothpicks and then you wind wool yarn around each pick.  If you change yarn colors they really get colorful.

Snacks of popcorn and cider they were ready to walk into the barn for a beautiful puppet show. All was well and the weather was perfect (50+ and sunny). 

I hope that you had/have a great Halloween as well. 

Best wishes everybody and Happy Halloween!!


Allison Fouse said...

This is the type of Halloween I would have in my dreams. It looks like you all had a wonderful and wholesome time. =)

Teaching Handwork said...

Can you post more puppet show pics? It looks like a really good show? was it about 3 witches?

Cyntheeii said...

what's the new picture? 'creepy man'? don't see him - did you change him back to the three gnomes? -C