Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas tree and the Perigee moon

Were you able to see the moon last night?

We were out getting our Christmas tree yesterday afternoon and it was just a breathtaking day.  The snow was falling lightly and we had just gotten a foot of snow.  The trees all looked perfect with the blanket of white hanging off the branches low and even.  We had to broom off the snow to get a good look at the ones we were choosing.  After the easy choice (there were so many good ones) we looked up and saw and heard about 1,000 geese flying over head. - It was spectacular and noisy - there were some Canadian geese (because they were black) but most of them were white.  They were snow geese!  So many of them, we all were in awe with our heads to the sky.  The weather was really moving fast and their wings were taking them on a fast flight.  The storm clouds were fast and low and we caught a glimpse of the sun setting as we dragged our chosen tree to the truck.As we were headed home we rounded a bend in the road and were struck with the sight of the Perigee moon.
I made my husband pull over so I could take this shot.  From what I hear it was hard to get anything because of the weather and clouds.  I feel luck just to have seen it.

Here are some spectacular shots I found around the web.  This was taken in Washington state.

This is supposed to be the difference if you placed them side by side (normal moon and a perigee moon).


Teaching Handwork said...

we were talking about this last night at our spiral walk. We walked onto campus and the moon was out and candles lit our path....nice night!

Lisa Anne said...

Beautiful photos!