Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Color theory for cross stitching

I started the cross stitch lesson with my 4/5 grade class yesterday.  We talked about blending color and then gave them a blending lesson with chalk on paper. (they loved the mess!)  I also talked briefly about pointillism

(sorry its sideways)
and how that pertained to our lesson more than the chalk because we will be working with solid points of color to blend (not in the sense of watercolor blending).  The discussion also went back to the early chat about color and how the darker colors hold and give weight to the object and the light ones represent the top or openness of a project.  I really like talking with the older kids and hearing there thoughts.  The younger classes just sit and listen (which is good too!) or go off on really cute tangents which have nothing to do with my lesson :) .

We also did an exercise with colored dots.  Stare at the green dot for a minute or so and then stare at the white page - you should see..
A pale red (pinkish ) dot.  That's because its the opposite color on the color wheel.  It will be a darker color if you stare longer.

 They are choosing their size of the pouch today and starting to prepare the aida cloth.  I am now seeing that I will have to bring spray starch to class because the cloth isn't a stiff as I would like it for them.  I will be taking more photos today and I will add them when I come home.


Teaching Handwork said...

Good lesson! Can't wait for more photos!

Lisa Anne said...

Great lesson, my daughter finally has sewn her 4th grade cross-stitch and needle work into a beautiful needle case. (I told her she had to finish it before she could even pick out the yarn for a pair of mittens she was itching to knit- now both are finished!!) "Unfinished handwork is unfinished Karma"- I forget who told me that but it this is true I will be coming back for a couple more incarnations.