Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My life for the past two weeks

Wow what a crazy time of year.  I have so much to tell you all.  
Back in November I had a great show at the Waverly Artisans Market - I sold lots of dyed silks and yarn + a few dolls - all in all it went really well.  My mother has the photos and she isn't around for a few more days, so I will post those later.  

Then I had my sons birthday party and they all went sledding

and had pizza and cake.  The room was all decorated in blue and white.  Here is the cake that he requested and designed - decorated with his new blue ice dragon.

After the party we had out schools Elves faire.  Here are some examples of the crafts that the kids in school made for the craft table (for sale).  
It was a great faire and lots of people showed up that are not affiliated with the school (always good).  I actually forgot my camera so i will hope to get some shots from other people soon.

We went to The Thanksgiving day parade - you got it New York City baby!  It was a dream come true - I always watch the parade on TV and this is the first time I saw it in real life.  The boys were very excited.  We made it to the edge of the park near 63rd street and had some breathing room but still we were 6 people deep so my youngest sat on my husbands shoulders most of the time and my other boy sat on the wall to see the show.  It was great!

Kermit is one of my favorites.

I love how all the people are dressed in the color theme of the balloon.

Then there is Santa to close out the show - I loved his swan sled.

We also went around and looked at the city windows - they are so beautiful and detailed.

These dolls moved back and forth and I think my youngest like them the most.

This one was for swarovski crystals.

I like this second tree better :)

We went form the Big apple where the city never sleeps to NJ's swamp lands. Both beautiful in their own rights. I found some mushrooms I am going to use for dye - I'll let you know what color it is when I do it.

I finally got to the pottery studio after a two month break and got to glaze some of my stuff. He I am putting wax on the bottom of the pot so the glaze doesn't get on the bottom.

This is a big pot of glaze - I dip my pot and then put it in the kiln to fire (cone 6). I will post the results when they come out.

I have another show in down town Ithaca this Saturday.  I hope to see you there!  Whew that's all for now.  Thanks to all who put us up this past thanksgiving weekend!  Blessings.

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Lisa Anne said...

What a fun weekend! I thought about trying to go down for the parade, I have family that lives in Manhattan but they have a weekend home that they go to so they are never there when I want to visit.
And your pottery...I really want to learn to do pottery. We ran up to Ithaca yesterday to Greenstar, not much time to goof off though.