Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cute Knit Lamb or sheep

I think this pattern is widely know but I thought I would share anyway.  I like my animals to have some heft to them so I adjusted the normal pattern to reflect that.  Good luck.  If you are too busy to knit (or don't know how) I am putting is lamb and several horses up on my 

for sale.  Just in time for Easter baskets if you like :) .

Sewing & filling the animal is what really takes the time.  Remember to roll your wool filling around a pencil (very tightly) for the legs and let it come up and be part of the hip bone too - that will make the animal more stable.  Don't forget to give him a nice round plump tummy.  If you knit a dark animal - don't forget to fill and shape him with dark colored wool.


Dawn said...

This little lamb is so cute. I'm a beginner knitter so I think this pattern may be a bit of a challenge for me, but I'd like to try it. Thanks for sharing your pattern.

Sarah said...

cute lamb! I tried to needlefelt a lamb and everyone thought he was a polar bear. Maybe I'll get out my needles and try a knitted version.

Adri said...

Such a cute lamb... I don't do knitting, but I'm passing this on to my mum...Thank you!

Cortney Calahan said...

What a simple and adorable lamb! My waldorf daughter is 7 and wants to knit this, and I know how to knit, but haven't made a doll yet. Curious how you shape the head.Thank you for the free pattern!