Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Return, to a lot of things

Well, - that was a long break form the computer.  I think I went into deep hibernation and hopefully I will now emerge from the crisp new earth ready to flower again and show you all new things.
I am also back fresh from my training at The Fiber Craft Studio (click here or see below)

This is located on the Sunbridge College campus but is now under the umbrella of the 
Threefold Educational Center community 260 Hungry Hollow Road Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977.

I highly recommend this program to anybody who is teaching Handworks, aspiring to & also for personal growth.  I can't speak enough about how much this program is enriching my life.

Here we are looking at out 4 legged animals that we did using the pattern with a spine (a wakeful project for the 3/4th grader)

Here are 2 puppets we returned with this Spring as homework.  She is having quite a cute dialogue with the two of them.

I am also taken with the beauty of the campus and simple things like their doors.

I am giving a small talk tonight at out Parent Study night about Handworks and why we teach different subjects at different grades, it should be fun. 


Lisa Anne said...

Welcome Back, I've missed seeing you around. Just went to Ithaca yesterday to shop at the co-op and a stop at the fabric/yarn shop. I have really been thinking about taking the handwork training, but how much does it cost? I think I would like to take it because when we get sheep I would like to have workshops here for cheesemaking and fiber arts. But we should talk soon ... I have a friend nearby who used to be a Waldorf Teacher and now she has a sheep farm and does a lot of festivals and weekly craft studio- she is thinking about doing a sheep to shawl week as a family camp this summer. I thought you might be interested. Also went to Spinners Hill Studio- very nearby ( to buy wool for spinning, she has very high quality wool (also good for felting). Maybe we can go on a field trip, I need to go back because I am spinning so much. She was at Rhinebeck so you might have seen her. My e-mail: mahayanafarm at yahoo dot com.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post...I am thinkig of enrolling in the new cycle coming up in the summer...If I can work out care for my sons :-0

Anonymous said...

omg. your blog is amazing and full of information, thank you very much for sharing! :) I will visiting you :)