Friday, May 8, 2009

Snapping turtle

We saw this beauty ( snapping turtle) crossing the road the other day and had to stop for a photo.  Its not the biggest we have ever seen but he was a good size anyway.  He was meandering to the nearby pond.  Nice to see such a cool looking dino.

Here are all our teachers walking the land that will soon be our schools location.  We have acres and now we just need to build.  Ha - "just".   There is so much ahead of us it exciting.  

Here are the bees.  The hive was living in the neighboring house and decided to move out one afternoon and one of our loving students found the hive.  Magical and wonderful how it all works out sometimes.  
We have a program that comes to the school every friday thats called Earth Arts.  It teached the children all about nature and how to care for it and how to use it carefully and then in turn, how nature takes care and nurtures them.  We had a lovely slide show at our teacher meeting and she told wonderful stories of the children.

I held my 1st grade class outside today.  I remember wanting to do that when I was little - ("why can't they just take us out side" I use to think) so now that I am a teacher I do it as much as I can.
The Ithaca Friends of the library sale it tomorrow morning  - I can't wait.  I think I might do some yard sales too.  


Sarah said...

How exciting to be building a school. My husband was "clerk of the works" for our school when we built it. We had contractors for the major parts, but the parents did all the finish work.

Cyntheeii said...

ew. a millipede? clearly you didn't get mom's fear of centepedes (I know they are different but still... all those legs!)

and yay! I said the same thing to you about wanting school to be outside! hee hee - i hadn't even read this! -C