Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fiber Craft Studios Applied Arts February 2010 at Sunbridge

Sewing the Elephant from individual drawings we each did.

This was a real struggle because all I wanted to do was copy from a book. We had to draw it from how we felt an animal would walk about - something in motion.
Here is my drawings (with others) - then we took that "live" drawing and did a sideways drawing to make the pattern from.

Cutting out the patterns proves difficult for people that generally get things backwards and upside down on a regular basis.

I did end up with a lovely elephant.

Making the underbelly and head gusset takes finesse and extra cutting, plus a confidence with your ladder stitch will help you make it look like you want. My elephant still isn't finished - I have to add his ears and tail on. I'll post him when I'm done. He is up in the top picture - second from the left.


softearthart said...

Pretty cool elephants, cheers Marie

Cyntheeii said...

ahhhh! you're back! I check here every now and again. Everytime you show stuff from Sunbridge I'm always thinking, "i want to be there - i would LOVE to be there almost as much as Jullie"! but then I remember the kids and how much I'd have to pay, etc... still doesn't stifle the jealously that much! LOVE your elephant! I want to take classes with you!