Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grades update

Socks are getting finished. I do have to catch a few up, some of them are home schooled as well as attending our school 3 days a week. Its always hard with that combination. I will have some knitting to do to help them finish but all in all they are progressing well. I have some big talkers in this class and I think my leniency with them has not benefited the class so I am slowly reigning them in to a quiet class. Sometimes it works other days are a challenge. I am in need of a verse for this grade - any suggestions out there?

Here is the sign that we put up at the beginning of the school year, love how it turned out.

Grade 1 is really doing well, concentration is really good. I do have to quiet them down a bit, and we tried a "sit where ever you want" day but that deaerated quickly so I wont try that again with this group till next year.

Second grade is excelling with their work. We have a small class but many choleric. Some days can be so smooth and others are a fight from the start. Silence works better and have switched to a silent class about two months ago. This class is able to "sit wherever" and work well so I do that often as a reward.


Castlequeen said...

The pride of lions are adorable. I knitted this pattern up myself as a Chrsitmas present for my 5yr old son - he loves it.

Cyntheeii said...

what kind of verse?

Gia said...

Grade 5 H/W Verse:
With quiet in my head,
With peace in my heart,
With strength in my hands
I am ready to start.

OnlyOneHook said...

Thank you for taking the time to blog. It is helpful for others such as myself. I am new to teaching handwork in a Waldorf school. So I really search for others out their who are giving insight to their classes.