Friday, October 21, 2011

Rhinebeck Wool Festival 2011

As my pots of wool sit and simmer in alum/CoT I would love to show you more of the images I took at Rhinebeck.

This woman & her colors in particular has caught my eye for years now but I only just looked her up. She hails from Maine and uses sea water & the sun for dyeing and the colors are spectacular - - I would love to dye with sea water but the only natural water I have access to is stream and lake water, which I will never take for granted.
There were many natural dyers at the festival and I was thrilled to see all of them. I replenished my stock of Osage Orange and Alkanet & white wool. The white wool would seem boring to some but I can see its potential and I cant wait to get started.

On Saturday it was a madhouse - Filenes Basement Sale (which I have been to in Boston long ago) has nothing on women who love wool. As I saw civilized women being gracious but also have the wild look in their eyes and had to giggle. I knew from experience to just look on Saturday and I dare not even bring my camera out. I did snatch up a few goodies but I saved most of my buying and close browsing for Sunday. The weather held out for the most part - with a wild shower that lasted only 20 minutes on Sunday that had people running for the tents. Luckily I was already in one and stayed dry the whole time. It was cool enough to ware all our hand made wool sweaters and wraps and we all complimented ourselves with smiles and quick hellos. I always have grand ideas of selling there but I never have the quantities needed to handle that much traffic. Some day I might take the chance?

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