Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Butterflies & Moths

Took the family down to New York City this past weekend and had a whole lot of kid fun.  First stop was the actual subway.  My 9 year old leaned over and wispered - "Why is nobody talking?"  I had to explain that they didn't know each other and they were just traveling to go to work.  ;)
Got off at The Natural Museum of History.  Gorgeous butterfly display as well as bones, animals, artwork - it is a great museum.  Then we walked the 40 odd blocks over to F.A.O. Schwarz.  The next day was Time Square and all that glitz of M&M's and ToysRUs.  I do think one of the best parts was then going into Chinatown for lunch.  Great people, fun to see the different types of stores - dried/salted foods.  Two days and the boys wanted to do more, luckily we had great weather as well.  I love traveling with the family.

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Tierney Barden said...

Exquisite photographs, Julia! I've been developing some pieces that are inspired by moths and butterflies. Swallowtails are all around our house each summer - such a treat when they flutter by.