Saturday, March 1, 2014

Week of Short Travels (part one)

The boys had off school all last week so my husband and I took off on a bunch of day trips and played tourists to our local cities.  First we went to Syracuse to see:
A Boat show at the State Fair Grounds (I dropped off the boys and I went to ...) - A Fiber Mill!  

Salt City Fiber Works

 Here they are receiving fiber to wash -

                                                                                        - here it is dried and clean.

Grey alpaca and wool mix going thru the roving maker.  Scrumptious color.

Pink Roving and Yellow Yarn

Such wonderful people and so willing to show me their studio & where the magic happens.

Then it was off to "The"Art Store to buy sketchpads and look at pastels and paper.  I love paper - water color, pastel, drawing.  Explained to my 13 year old the differences, it was fun.

finishing off this day tour at The Erie Canal Museum.  That was just Saturday...


Got a call that night to then go to the worlds best sledding hill in Ithaca - Rice Hill - it's so big you have to be driven back to the top.  Lots of fun and it was cold and the snow was packed down from the kids the day before so sledding was great.


Then it was off to a day at Corning Glass Museum

Chihuly Glass right in the front entrance.

Then we had a day - or morning - of ice skating at an indoor skating rink.  Youngest favorite sport at the moment.

That takes us to Thursday and we then we drove down to Doylestown PA... (next post)

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