Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Mushroom Dyes!

Attended a lovely workshop presented by :

 Very informative class with wonderful thick paper handouts (small things make the difference sometimes) and color photos of the mushroom in our area!  I really appreciated the class was representative of what mushrooms are in our own backyard.  Sometimes searching brings up mushrooms that are only in Australia, for example and its always a let down.  However she told us about her "swap page" on FB where you can trade :)  I hope to start foraging as soon as the weather breaks.  

This is Alissa's sample of mushroom dyes she travels with - along with her mushroom guy.

We folded a silk scarf, shibori style, as well - I choose the green'd pot (mordant with Iron) of Dyer's Polypore   - my silk was a bit white for my taste but we didn't have much time to wrap so I was just trying it out.  I know I can get better results later when I take my time.

These were Hapilopilus nidulans (top yarn) and Rock Tripe - lichen (bottom)

Starting on left = Hapilopilus Nidulans (again with different lighting than above photo) , Hydnellum Spongiosipes (with Alum) , Phellondon Niger (with Alum), last on right is Phellondon Niger (with Iron).

This is the roving I brought to then dye in the large pot of (mordant with Alum) of Dyer's Polypore.  Its a mix of dark and light Blue Faced Leicester which I thought would look great with the yellow - and I was right.  I spun up later at home.  

Such a wonderful rainbow from mushrooms! 

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