Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Summers color for the end of winter

Beautiful Dyer's Coreopsis that I have had in the freezer since last summer.  What a glorious pot of dye it is!

First photo has a higher Ph level than the Yellow that is in the right hand photo.  You really can get many different colors with just a Ph level change.  I didn't have any after baths to play with (iron) but I bet there are more colors hiding in there somewhere.

It really is this vibrant!

This is Madder on grey wool and a bit of white wool (left side).   I have so many shades of this on the grey wool - but forgot photos - Ill put them up tomorrow when I have natural light.  All are mordant with Alum and CoT. 

Madder with a color change using different Ph levels

Some indigo and Black Walnut yarn I spun up the other day.  Love the combination of brown & blue.

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Link Creations said...

So, so, gorgeous! Julia your work is so lovely!