Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Glad to be awake

We have had a flurry of visitors this past week and on.  My parents, E's Parents, a college friend and next a sister.  So thrilling to have so many come and visit.  Our Winter was long and mostly filled with colds and quiet nights.  I stored my energy like a bulb and now I feel like I am flowering.  Our land is green and lush, filled with critters and fun things to look at.  My boys play outside and swing from ropes claiming they are Indiana Jones!  
What fun to have young boys. 

The Secret of Joy
Face to face with the sunflower,
Cheek to cheek with the rose,
We follow a secret highway
Hardly a traveller knows.
The gold that lies in the folded bloom
We eat of the heart of the forest
With innocent stealth.
We know the ancient roads
In the leaf of a nettle,
And bathe in the blue profound
Of a speedwell petal.
- Mary Webb

Our school is out middle June so we have a few more week until it is officially Summer. We plan to go to the beach and one week in the camper for another week but other than that summer will be filled with friends, the pool and catching snakes!
 I think this one is a very small corn snake.

My motherinlaw had these amazing birds - tree swallows.

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Allison Fouse said...

My hubby says that definitely looks like a corn snake, and although the photo of the bird looks really blue, I think it might be a tree swallow.