Monday, June 9, 2008

Preview of Indigo

I am going out of my mind - I have so many things to do within two weeks its crazy.  I have to finish up the year with my few kids at school and help them make things for their end of year play.  I have to org. my pots and count my dyes for this sat. dye day (lots of photos to come!!)  Start boiling and chopping them up starting on Thursday (so they don't go bad early).  I have to pack for my wonderful retreat of two weeks at Sunbridge college (which is a surprising amount of stuff to bring).  I also have to pack up the kids for the 4th of July camping trip (tent going party with my college friends and their kids) which I will meet them there at the end of Sunbridge.  My husband is more than capable to pack but I feel better if I help.  Clean the house for both occasions (dyers friends and Mother and Mother in law who will be coming to babysit while I am gone).  I do love it all - makes me feel alive!  You all might have more than this but this is a lot for me... 
Summer is in full swing - half naked children running around in sprinklers and planting and mulching.  Summer clothes change out (packing away winter stuff to the attic).  Resting tired feet in the cool stream!  Wonderful.
 Here is a little preview of the indigo pot - I like to do some of my stuff early because I am running around like a chicken on the actual day.  Here I have dipped items that I have already dipped in yellows. (one is just the blue of indigo)

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Lisa Anne said...

Very pretty colors! We just received a new dyeing book about mushrooms and lichens, very pretty colors!