Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oak gall

These cool looking pods are the size of a ping pong ball (or can be smaller) and are an Oak gall.  That hard little center in the starburst holds a bug. The starburst is to support the little greenhouse which insulates the little worm during the winter.  All the little spines are attached to the inside of the ball - very si-fi!  I had never seen them before this year (we have been at out house for 5 years!).  It comes from our very large oak tree out front.  Very cool.  Its such a nice green color.

I am now ending my first year of teaching handworks to 7 - 1st and 2nd graders.  Its been wonderful and I am then tackling a full schedule of part time work teaching all the grades handwork next year.  I draw some of my inspiration from my good friend here -
She and I along with a great group of women are getting our training at Sunbridge College.
I hope to post more through the summer of my plans and actual projects I will be giving out.  I know I have a lot of samples to make!!


Lisa Anne said...

Very interesting.

I am sure you are excited to go back to Sunbridge. My summer is way too busy to be able to go this year. I took my training before we moved here. I figured once I started farming full-time I would not be able to have such luxuries. I have friends who will be taking various trainings throughout the summer there, maybe I should squeeze in one day just to visit and hangout in the bookstore.
We would love it if you could visit the farm, just drop me an email, mahayahnafarm at yahoo dot com. Have a great summer!

Rachel said...

What cool pods! I love sculptural/organic things like that. I saw that you are doing the market tote swap, as am I!