Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Handworks curriculum

My friend here
has posted her great curriculum for handworks and now I have finally worked mine out (not too sure of 5th grade but...) all of it is still a work in progress:

Grade 1:
Story about wool and Farm - leads into stick twist twisties.
Making knitting needles (3/16” )
Practicing slip knots & winding yarn, casting on.
1st project: white yarn (1 oz) balls for cat.
2rd project :Flute case done with several colors - try to use all extra wool balls from all the other projects
3th project: 4 legged animal - lion or lamb yellow or white yarn.
(Plant dyed by 4th grade)
Extra projects - other animals made from a square. (Butterfly, bunny, squirrel. box, mouse)

Grade 2
1st project: Knit and Purl a ball - 2 colors
2nd project: Knit and purl gnome
3rd project: Crocheting a chain as long as them (is it even?)
4th project: Square pot holder - Round potholder - Star table mat
Extra projects: Crochet a ball bag, knit a bear

Grade 3:
Alum yarn for sun jar for 1st grade
1st project: Collect things for a sun dye jar for 1st grade
2nd project: Crochet recorder case with 2 colors
3rd project: Crochet a small pouch to teach different stitches and color gradation
4th project: Crochet a hat with 3 colors
Hopefully - January
5th project: Knit horse with a spine

Grade 4:
1st project; Handworks bag = study of form and color (bag stays with them thru 5th grade)
2nd project: Painted cross stitch pouch Mirror image
3rd project Painted cross stitch box lid 4 way
extra projects: Chain stitch a hackie sack ball, make an extra cross stitch pouch.

Grade 5:
Tell a story discuss the characters make the puppets.
Discuss the doll head size and what the colors would mean to each doll.
1st Project: Crochet in the round a puppet
2nd project: Make drop spindles, wash wool fleece, spin wool, dye it with “dried” flowers, roots.


Cyntheeii said...

... can I bus my kids in to Ithaca?

Teaching Handwork said...

sounds really good!!!!!
I only had one question....
Don't you think 5th grade should be kept knitting in a round (hat, recorder case, bag, socks)? the doll making is 6th grade...right?

Teaching Handwork said...

Julie it is so easy

I will show you on my site...go over there and I will do a quick 5th grade hat tutorial.

they LOVE the hat and its easy!

after that they can do fingerless glove....Deb said these have been a big hit at her school.

Lisa Anne said...

Great curriculum! We are doing doll making this year (7th grade). We will incorporate some plant dyeing by dyeing our own material first.
If you can't knit in the round, perhaps there is an older person in the community who could come and work with children, my daughter hated knitting in the round but very proud of her accomplishment (one mitten!; unfinished handwork = unfinished karma!-that is what someone told me once, HA! I have a lot of work to do in my next life!)

onegoldensun said...

How wonderful, thank you for sharing. I wonder if you could tell me about the painted cross stich, what does that mean? And do you use a pattern for the crocheted recorder case? I know how to make the knitted case but would love to crochet on with grade 3. Best wishes~