Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The beach still lingers

I took the boys to the pool today - they had water with-drawls.  Its was funny - I was sitting there digging my toes into the concrete like it was the sand.   Its my favorite thing to do - sit by the oceanside in a beach chair watching the boys and digging my toes in the sand.   I really had a wonderful two weeks with my family.  My two sisters husbands and 2&3 kids each and my mom and dad & my family.  Quite a houseful but let me tell you.  My mom found the perfect house.  Its huge and monstrous and she bargained down the price and voila here it is.  the hallways and staircase were downright majestic.  

The new thing for my youngest was the purchase of a boogie board.  He's a natural...

Just like his older brother.

As peaceful as the water is the boardwalk is not.  Loud lights,noisy rides and way to many sweets - which we all indulged ourselves in regularly all two weeks.  Frozen custard was the favorite.

Rides are a lot of fun and coming here after I spent my childhood fun here is so special and I understand there "NEED" to ride rides everynight!  We managed to ride rides only three times in the two weeks & it is so much fun.  Such a contrast to our normal life so its fun to let loose.  The shops on the boardwalk are great - I love to come on the boards after the boys are asleep (thank to a great Baba babysitter) and shop for birthdays and Christmas.  Great people watching too.   One of my favorite rides is the carousel.  I even caught the brass ring this year!

So much beauty at the sea.


Teaching Handwork said...

Looks WONDERFUL!!!! true memory making! your children will always remember this time. I hope you can go again and again....


Lisa Anne said...

A two week vacation on the beach? *sigh* I just need a day. Looks like a trip to last a lifetime of memories. Welcome Back!