Saturday, October 4, 2008

2nd & 3rd grade

Second grade knitting - it will be a stripped ball.  The example I showed the class has the colors in a neat tidy rainbow and just assumed that the kids would follow... Oh no, they have to follow their own path and of course choose their own color order.  Then I thought of course they do!  

The pattern is just cast on 20 stitches (for a large handful ball) knit 4 ribs (1 rib = 2 rows of knit) of each color to make a rectangle.  Shape wool batting in a ball by winding it like yarn.  Place the ball in the center of the knitting and sew up the short side of the knitting to the other short side.  Then take a fat needle and wind it around the very edge (long edge of the rectangle) to "gather", pull the string to close and tie.  Repeat on the other side.  Its a great ball - if you put a jingle bell in it - wrap it in paper first then the wool.

This is the crocheting from the third grade.  They were limited to two colors (light and dark) which was a tough class in its self!  Kids love to compromise.  They drew, with the two colors, how they would strip the flute case.  Its great to give them limited freedom.  Two are finished and 4 are on their way.   Next project will be a sample bag so i can teach them new stitches and how to blend color.  Then off to making their crochet hat.


mayaluna said...

I love seeing small hands with needles. Your projects look lovely. I am so curious about you and your school, especially since we are neighbors. I rarely have local readers/bloggers exciting! Please consider sending me an e-mail so that we can talk less publicly. I didn't see an address for you, so will wait for your response:)

Teaching Handwork said...

COOOOOOOL! I love it! they look wonderful! It is great seeing you at work with your kids

Lisa Anne said...

I just love handwork class, I would often volunteer at our old school when the hw teacher would start teaching the first graders how to knit, she always needed some extra hands and it was so fun for me!