Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall days

This past weekend has been a true Indian summer for us.  The leaves are at their peak and the weather is HOT.  70's!  I sat outside all day yesterday.  The boys were not alowed back inside untill the sun went down.  They made it too - lots of digging, stream splashing, leaf raking and general playing.  Its great when you can take the time to be outside for that long.  
I have finished needle felting three snowmen and a Tomten this weekend.  Next weekend I am going to the Rhinebeck wool festival.  I can't wait!!  Of corse I dont need a stich of wool but that is soooo not the point.  

Here is a shot (from last year) of a person that really knows how to display color!
Here are some examples of my 4/5th grade class doing their handworks bags. They really love it and are not wanting the class to end (what every teacher wants to hear).

It will be great to dive into the cross stitch next - I have one that really likes to argue his point and I love testing the waters with him.


Teaching Handwork said...

I love seeing your kids work!

Sarah said...

Love your new header photo! Lou is loving cross stitch. She created her own version of her class project at home in a weekend. Somehow I need to embrace that energy into Christmas gifting :)

Lisa Anne said...

Will you be there this Sunday? We will be there! We can't go this Saturday because we still have the farmers' market and I am feeling all panicky because I feel everything will be gone before I get to the fiber show!! Will you be at the Sunbridge college booth selling stuff?
e-mail: mahayanafarm at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

The festival looked wonderful. We missed it this year. I am coveting all the pictures from all the folks who were able to attend. Really great works and inspiration!
Could you tel me what stitch the children in your class are using to embellish their bags with? Very textured. I love it.

woolladyfelter said...

Its called the Chain stitch. I'm sure could find a diagram on google with just those words. Thanks for looking