Friday, March 20, 2009

Done being sick

I am able to take a deep breath today - my boys are healthy and so am I.
It was a long two weeks of sickness but now we are done and are able to move on into Spring!

The weather lately has been in the low 50's, nice and sunny (January and Feb only had a handful of sunny days).  I hope to have my boys down in the stream collecting crayfish for the turtle.

I had not taught this week so the kids are a bit behind with their projects and hopefully we can all buckle down and really crank out some good classroom time this coming week.

Here are some random shots from this winter.

This is the Black Sheep Spinners Guild I belong to, once a month we gather and spin, knit, chat, show&tell, and in the summer we gather at people's houses and do random projects.  I joined as a needle felter but now I have my wheel!

Here are my 4th grade handwork bags.  They loved working on them (some had a hard time finishing the french seams) but were happy when they were finished.

3rd grade plant dyed wool yarn hat.

1st grade knit mouse (from a square).

This was the window right before winter break for the 2/3rd graders.  They made those window stars.  Below is their watercolors of Moses in the water as a baby. 

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Lisa Anne said...

Glad you are feeling beeter, I think it has worked it's way south and found me though. Nice to see pictures of the children's work.