Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sugar Maple tapping

Its a really cool day out and we finally got to tapping our one tree.  We have lots of sugar maples, but we figure that this is our first time and we want to see if we like doing this first.  The boys stuck in their fingers and tasted the sweet water.  Yummm.

After coming inside my husband brought me this... how nice.

I have been spinning a lot lately and I got some samples from Roc Day and I spun them up 2ply this week and now I know a bit more about different fibers.  How they slip or stick when you draft them. 
From the left to the right: 
Alpaca/Merino/Silk, Angora/Merino/Silk,  Targhee Top (wool), SW Merino/Tencel.

Alpaca seems to dull the colors (compared to Angora) - the last one Tencel - is very slippery but still easy to spin.  I really like the look of the all wool one - but I guess that depends on what you do with the yarn.  I will have to knit them up and see how they drape/feel.

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Linda said...

Thanks for sharing, I have always wanted to see this...