Friday, April 10, 2009

Featured on Crafty Crow - Thanks

I was thrilled to have a spot on the Crafty Crow - Thanks!
(I'm at the bottom of the page as of right now)
She is such a great resource for crafts - check it out.

I am currently running around the house packing for a quick trip down south for the Easter weekend.  It's amazing all the things I want to take (crafting wise) to "play" with my sisters.  We also have a lot of show and tell to do as well.  I haven't seen them since the new year started.

Here I am doing a gift for my sisters while I sit in the tire store getting my snow tires off.  
It was snowing while they were doing it - how ironic!

The boys are thrilled for the annual Easter egg hunt as well.

Remember a while back I told you Snow Patrol was my favorite band.
Well my sisters and I are going to see then in June!!  I can't wait.  His passion, in his lyrics, just make me swoon!  They are playing with Coldplay - can't get much better than that.

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Teaching Handwork said...

You rock!!!!! it's like one of those goals.....get on crafty crow...kind of like an award....I'm so proud of you ;) Keep up the crafting!!!