Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plant Dyeing Day

Cooking up new dye for my Natural Plant Dyeing Day this Saturday. This is Madder on the left and te now highly covetted Brazilwood. I have to admit this pot is for me only. The last of the real Brazilwood that I have - it is now on the endangered list - but you can get a version of this tree's bark that is not endangered, so that is good. I will have to get some to compare. I have a bag of Alkanet in my hands ready for the pot and I have two yellows planned - Henna and yellow flowers, mostly marigolds. Cutch - which I just found out is the same thing as Wattle (go figure) & indigo I will save till Saturday morning to mix up - its the freeze dried crystals and they just make it too easy now a days (gosh I sound old when I say that!) Might mix up one or two more. More pictures coming.

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